Careem Week

This is one of those weeks again. You know the dry types. When I don’t have much to say. The irony is last week was everything but dry. We had a lot to laugh, agon and celebrate. The company at the center of all three emotions was Careem. We laughed and struggled to understand the bizarre Rishta campaign. It was confusing at best and bizarre at worst. I am sticking with confusing because the team said it was meant to be taken lightly.

Marketing is about values. You communicate what you stand for. On that end, I am not sure what that campaign was trying to communicate. And it was a bit insensitive as well. Though I have no experience of Rishta Aunties they don’t stand for something good in our society. I am not saying all of them are bad but the collective perception of the concept is something we don’t really cherish. Especially the part of society that is supportive of startups like Careem.

Again, the campaign didn’t offend me personally. And I ignored it for the most part till I checked Twitter and Facebook a day later.

Apart from that, they have reached a landmark. Five years and counting. None of those five years had been as instrumental to their success as the past six months. But it’s the journey that counts.

podcast that made me uncomfortable in a good way. An essay that might be worthy of your time.