Introducing Arkito And Government Regulating Ridesharing

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Government Regulating Ridesharing Apps

From TechJuice:

Local cab drivers from the twin cities protested against the extremely low rates that Careem, Uber and other services provided, making it very difficult for them to keep up. In lieu of this, ITA Secretary Jawad Muzaffar said that they will be issuing a rate list to these ride-hailing services which they would have to follow strictly.

Rate-list, seriously? There is not one metered cab in the entire country regulated by the government. This is worse than they sitting in their chairs all day and doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I am all in for government regulations. I strongly believe it’s important for a functioning society. But the best way is to create a sandbox where companies can operate and win on innovation. Rather than to get in the way.

On a personal level, these taxi drivers have tortured me throughout my life. The situation was especially worse in Islamabad. They are rude at best and looters at worst. I am so happy, I no longer have to deal with them.