Cheetay raises money

What’s a good sign you have reached your product market fit? Your customers will be talking more about you than yourself. I rarely see Cheetay in the news but I do read people talking about them. Some good, some bad. But they do. And these people are not your typical tech guys like me who feel obliged to comment on everything happening in the ecosystem. They are the actual customers who take Cheetay for its face value and that’s a delivery service.

The irony is they are in a competitive market. On that end, I found remarks from Ahmed Khan on their latest funding round quite assuring. From TechJuice:

… amongst the clutter it is imperative to be recognised not only for providing quality and timely delivery services but also to fulfil the promises you make to your customers by delivering their orders through efficient riders (delivery staff) who are meticulously trained to facilitate and satisfy the customer.

The fact that they have stayed small and focused on food in Lahore is smart too.

Logistics is an unsexy business. Most people won’t talk about the timely delivery passionately. But they are sure to let you know in a profound way if something goes wrong. But it’s also a lucrative one if done right. One of the impediments to eCommerce in Pakistan is the last mile problem. The fact that you don’t have a physical store can backfire because your window to perfect the experience is small. From the article:

Checking products in a well-decorated store is different from checking them on your couch with possible kids screaming at your back and the looming uncomfortable decision of giving your money away.

There is a solution to this, however. And that’s significantly improving the user experience at last mile. But this might require getting into the logistics yourself and making sure your customer is happy and satisfied before you leave the door.

What if there is a company that specializes in nailing down the last mile? A company that understands the Internet. A company which has grown up much like yours. And a company that’s more of a trusted partner than a vendor to be managed.