Inspiring confidence on eCommerce, Dawn interviews Khalid Bajwa

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Inspiring confidence on eCommerce

From Pro Pakistani:

What e-commerce can provide is so much more than just a sale through a website – it can be the chance to educate those about the power of the internet, to aim to be a major contributor to the economy at large, and to truly change a person’s life.

It was through that pleasant experience that Sehat decided to hold a football match in the region, this time through their own arrangements, taking place in Late July 2017. A football match was held between the Imran Khan Foundation and the Langlands School and College at the Chitral Polo Ground in the center of the city.

I agree eCommerce is definitely more than just a sale on the website. But I don’t understand how a sporting activity can help in educating that. A football match is a great idea to increase your mindshare in a growing market. But for people in Chitral eCommerce simply does not exist let alone growing. What people of Chitral, or any other rural areas of Pakistan, need is confidence that online shopping is just as good if not better than a visit to a local market. And the only way you do that is to actually make them go through the process. And when they are in it make sure it’s smooth. Even better, let it exceed their expectations. Frankly, that’s not what’s happening.

To be fair this is not just a criticism on Sehat. At least they did something with good intentions. Most online stores seem careless about how their customers feel once a transaction is over. I bought something on Black Friday from one of those self-proclaimed best and biggest online stores. And it was a horrible experience. Since I wasn’t taking my foot off their tales their CEO called. He explained what has happened in a true gentleman way. But when I probed him why his email communication lacks the same level of empathy he has shown on the phone. His reply shocked me. Apparently, he gets 500 emails per day so does not have time for empathy. I forgot to ask if this, too many emails, is why their customer service is so bad.

Maybe I should just be happy that I finally got my order after like two months. But what irks me is that I have seen this guy mentoring young startups. And he definitely would have lectured them on how important the customer is.

Dawn interviews Khalid Bajwa

The interview is more about Khalid Bajwa than Patari. But it’s good. Often the personality of a founder predicates the culture of the company. And that’s certainly true here. This last bit is really fascinating though.

In his opinion, music has become almost exclusive to the corporate domain, where musicians are told what to play by MBAs who know nothing about it. We must give creative freedom to musicians, even if we sometimes disagree with what they come up with. We have to trust their judgment because they know the craft. Sometimes they will create something that is not commercial, but that is the only way we can make magic happen.

That’s probably what has happened to every form of fine arts in Pakistan.

Book List

I read a shit load of books last year. Well, actually they aren’t many but a lot compared to what I was reading in years before. Here is the complete list.