Hello, again

I decided not to write these emails back in Dec, 2018. The idea was to focus on other things, which back then, I thought writing was a distraction from. It turned out 1) it was not and 2) I am not really good at those other things. So here we are. I will keep these lighter and shorter at the beginning and we will see where to go from here.

In any case I won’t ghost away this time. I will let you know when I will stop. Thanks for understanding.

Investing: I had travel plans for 2020. For those who know me personally, I was serious this time. I actually planned to travel a lot more. But then I could not. So I started doing things I thought will never do. You know things you always thought are just not for you. Among the top of my list was investing. And by that I mean investing in stocks, bonds and all that.

It turns out the field is not that boring after all. I still don’t think I can be an investor for the rest of my life. But it’s nice learning a few things in the process. I am still in early phases. Started with this book to get the basics right. And then read this because you know you should. If you are interested these are good places to start. If you are not, still read the Intelligent Investor. Lessons are invaluable. And they will help you in life regardless.

Also if you are into it already then we probably should talk. I can use some help especially in regards to finding a good broker based in Islamabad. You can also reply to introduce me to someone who is good at it. I will appreciate that.

Apple event: This had to be one of the most boring Apple events. Actually, a bit frustrating as well. Why they mentioned 5G like a gazillion times, I have no idea. It was supposed to be a footnote. Ben Thompson captured very well what I was thinking (paywalled). Here is the devastating bit:

So then why did Verizon get so much stage time, not just in the person of Vestberg, but also when it came to Apple’s announcement of pricing?

I am honestly struggling to come up with any explanation other than the possibility that Verizon paid Apple a whole bunch of money to be featured.”

The fact that this might actually be true is upsetting.

Happy for the new iPhones though. Actually more excited about them than I have ever been except for iPhone 4 and 5. I always believed that round edges which debuted in iPhone 6 were a design regression. Link

Gruber’s review of the tweeners is here.

TikTok ban and unban: The ban was because TikTok hosted “immortal content” and now they have agreed to censor that. Good luck defining what it means for content to be moral.

Surprisingly for me, and as Rest of World has noted, there was no backlash like it was for say YouTube. The world has changed so much for tech startups. And not for the better. Link

Worth a read: “Relentlessly prune bullshit, don’t wait to do things that matter, and savor the time you have. That’s what you do when life is short.” Link